Living Your Purpose

This episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast features Carly Pepin, an international speaker and consultant on human behavior. Carly discusses her journey of self-discovery and how she came to focus on helping others understand their purpose.

Key Points:

  • True fulfillment comes from understanding our inner world.
  • Pain can be a motivator for growth. 
  • We don’t need to find our purpose; it’s already within us. By paying attention to the things that energize and inspire us, we can discover our inherent purpose.
  • Even when we feel stuck or lost, there is purpose in that too. It may be a sign that we need to re-evaluate our direction.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How can you pay more attention to your inner world?
  2. What are some things in your life that energize and inspire you?
  3. Are you currently experiencing any pain or dissatisfaction? How can you use it as a motivator for growth?

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