10 truths that will change your entire life

In this episode of the DYIC podcast, Joanna dives into the core of living a fulfilling life and the common mistakes we make along the way. Joanna discusses the concept of the Inner Critic, which is rooted in our childhood and continues to impact our adult lives by fostering anxiety, control, and a sense of unworthiness. She emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with our authentic selves, practicing presence, and surrendering to the present moment to overcome the illusion of control. Through this conversation, listeners are encouraged to embrace their inner power, develop unconditional self-acceptance, and break free from societal prescriptions to design a life that resonates with their true essence.

Join Joanna on this journey of self-discovery and transformation to create a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Your weekly reflection questions:

  • How has your Inner Critic influenced your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors? What steps can you take to become more aware of and address its impact on your life?
  • How do you find yourself trying to control aspects of your life? How can you practice surrendering to the present moment to experience more freedom and fulfillment?
  • Reflect on the societal and cultural prescriptions you have followed. How have they shaped your sense of self-worth? What changes can you make to align your life more closely with your authentic self?

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