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Dethroning Your Inner Critic

The Four-step journey from self-doubt to self-empowerment

There is a voice inside each woman. It’s not just in some women. It’s in all of us. We strive to be the “ideal” woman we think we should be, and yet we continue to feel the same self-doubt, overwhelm lack of confidence, and unhappiness we have felt forever. We look at our lives and wonder: Isn’t it all supposed to be more than this? 

Dethroning Your Inner Critic is the owner’s manual for your mind that you have been waiting for. In our culture, we are not taught how to think. Knowing the difference between you and the voice of your Inner Critic is not only essential to your happiness but also changes the trajectory of your life. 


Free yourself from your Inner Critic because YOU are ENOUGH.

Joanna guides you through learning how to identify your inner critic and breaking free from the illusions and stories she’s been telling you since you were a child. We become addicted to listening to our inner critic in order to seek pleasure or avoid pain. Through Joanna’s exercises, you will be opened up to this hamster wheel of automatic, false stories our minds have convinced us to believe. Learn how to dethrone that inner critic and you will truly be opened up to the authentic person that you are. Joanna’s book will give you the tools to unhook from those automatic thoughts and live your life peacefully in the present.

In the book

Learn to unhook yourself from your Inner Critic

When you know how to use your mind to break the habit of giving energy and attention to your Inner Critic’s constant chatter, you have won the lottery of life.  

This book will show you how to put an end to trying to change the outside world to find your peace, joy, and fulfillment, but instead to find it from within YOU.

Read the book?

Work with Joanna

Through her group programs, online courses, and private coaching, Joanna helps women take the work on dethroning their Inner Critic to the next level.