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Joanna has worked with companies all over the world including Nestle, Lendlease AU, Provider Trust, Cigna Health Care, TD Bank, Campowerment and The Susan G. Komen Foundation. With infectious enthusiasm Joanna will empower your organization’s women to help them define their visions for their life and careers while learning how to move past the self doubt that holds so many women back. Without understanding how to master your mind, the steps you take towards your success can leave you feeling depleted and overwhelmed. With her groundbreaking M.I.N.D Method,™ Joanna will show the women of your organization how to unhook themselves from dissatisfaction and frustration, and give them the tools to tune into a different inner voice that will return them to the sense of pride, fulfillment and confidence they crave as they move forward towards their success. 

Business success is 85% mindset and only 15% strategy.


Joanna Kleinman speaking to NFL Films.