Hi, I’m Joanna! As you can tell, I’m not your average psychotherapist… I’m an unconventional and bold trailblazer who’s raising the bar on how visionaries—like you—can truly thrive as their authentic, powerful selves.

I’ve created a game-changing methodology that has transformed tens of thousands of lives. Now, it’s your turn.

meet the mind magician

You can't get rid of or change what your automatic mind has been saying to you for your whole life. 

I've created the M.I.N.D Method™ after working with tens of thousands of people from all over the world.

 My Journey

As an unconventional psychotherapist I recognized a gap in traditional psychotherapy and coaching methods that don't address the most important key: 

I too used to get hooked by my own judgmental Inner Critic pushing me to always be “good enough” and liked by everyone. And if I’m honest, it isolated me from people, experiences, and happiness. Not to mention it was EXHAUSTING to keep trying to stop the negative self-talk from running my life. No matter what I did, no matter my accomplishments, no matter the praise and acknowledgement I received, it never felt enough or that I was enough. 

Maybe you can relate? 

The world of coaching and psychotherapy tells you to reframe your thoughts, silence the chatter, ignore the noise, and think positively. But the truth is that no amount of positive self talk will free yourself from the constraints of your Inner Critic. I believe true and lasting change comes from knowing step by step how to unhook from the the voice of your automatic mind and how to tune into the voice of your true, inner wisdom.

This is why my M.I.N.D Method™ is designed to help you rewire your mind to create new beliefs, new behaviors, and new results so that you can embody your true power.

Big lesson: your Inner Critic will never go away.

Dive in and read about the four-step journey you need to take to go from self-doubt to self-empowerment.

Tune in each week to learn steps to take to relinquish the control your Inner Critic has so you can live your most empowered life. 

Discover the details of my signature program. Using my game-changing M.I.N.D Method™, I’ll guide you to access the power, truth, and unique gifts you already have within you.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and find out what it’s like to really THRIVE.

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