Anxiety Is The Path To Awakening

Anxiety Is The Path To Awakening

DYIC Episode 142 Pinterst

On today’s podcast, Joanna is talking about how in the last 20 years the world has been changing at such a rapid pace, and with the advent of technology we are operating at such a fast and unsustainable level, and thinking that this is normal. She feels that as we emerge from this pandemic, many of us are going through a cultural transformation, an awakening of sorts.

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • What would the world feel like if there was no anxiety over the standards of what our lives should be?
  • Can you imagine a world in which you immediately knew what the right job was, the right relationship, the right choices to make because you were no longer using your anxiety to awaken to their soul’s calling?
  • Can you let your anxiety be your guide to show you what is meant to leave and what is meant to break apart?

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