My Pain This Week Is Creating My Growth

On today’s podcast episode, Joanna is talking about how your struggle can actually be the portal to extraordinary growth. She discusses that whatever you THINK you are struggling with right now, isn’t really what you are really struggling with because it’s not the circumstance itself that is causing you to struggle, it is only your thoughts about the circumstances.  And if you are willing to lean into the pain that you are experiencing and instead of getting caught up in the thoughts that are swirling around like a tornado, examine those thoughts, get curious about them, this can be the gateway to a completely new level of growth.  

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • How do I get rid of this inner struggle that I wake up with every morning?
  • How do I stop the voice inside of my head from criticizing me?
  • Who is the one that is having the thoughts I am thinking right now and what is generating the emotions I am having?

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