We’re all hardwired for scarcity

In this week’s podcast episode, Joanna is talking about avoidance. Because we are ALL avoiding something. Even if you’re a type A go-getter, I believe there are parts of your life that you are avoiding and I know this is true because we are all hardwired for avoidance.  So tune in as Joanna explains how to break the cycle of avoidance and the constant cycle of chasing for more.

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • How can we see the patterns of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that keep us in the same vicious cycle of our lives, we are avoiding change?
  • Why is it that regardless of who we are or what our circumstances are, the internal conversation in our minds is dominated by what we don’t have and what we want to get?
  • How can you keep your manifested visions in the forefront of your mind?

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