In this episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast, Joanna Kleinman delves into the three biggest obstacles you’ll encounter when trying to change your life:

  1. Your Hardwired Brain: Our brains resist change and prefer predictability which can lead to discomfort and hesitation when we step outside our comfort zone.
  2. Your Past: Our past experiences and identities can limit our beliefs about what’s possible. Letting go of these limiting beliefs is crucial for growth.
  3. Your Fear: Deep-seated fears, often stemming from core wounds, can hold us back from pursuing our dreams. Recognizing and processing these fears is essential for moving forward.

The episode emphasizes that overcoming these obstacles is key to living a truly fulfilling life. It’s not about achieving your dreams to feel happy, but rather, finding happiness now and taking steps towards your dreams from that place of fulfillment.

Reflection questions:

  1. What is one change you’ve been wanting to make in your life?
  2. What obstacles have you encountered in trying to make this change?
  3. How can you apply the strategies discussed in this episode to overcome those obstacles?

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