Perfectly Imperfect Challenge


Let’s Embrace Being Perfectly Imperfect

Join this five day challenge to help you get clear about where you’re beating yourself up, why you feel that way, and what you can do about it! 

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During this five day challenge, we’re covering:

  • How to identify the obvious and sneaky ways you’re currently beating yourself up.
  • Getting connected to the ways your body, mind, and spirit give you clues that your Inner Critic is running the show.
  • Understanding how perfectionism is really just a security blanket that keeps you small
  • Feeling the irresistible clarity of your Authentic Self, and prioritize HER over making others comfortable, being “right”, or being “perfect”.

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Joanna has taught me to act in alignment with a loving, beautiful life from a place of inner calm, balance, and peace. Her work has given me the freedom to trust myself, love myself, and to let go.

Maureen B.

Let’s Do This

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