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Lose Your Mind to Find Yourself.

When you believe what your Inner Critic is saying, you make her the ruler of your mind. Research shows that on average, you talk to yourself 50,000 times a day, and 80% of it is negative. When you learn how to Dethrone your Inner Critic, you open up possibility.

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You’re unconventional
and so am I.

In my 25 years as a licensed psychotherapist and transformational coach, I’ve learned it’s not enough to change the external circumstances of your life. True change begins from the inside out.

You need to shift your thoughts so you can wake up to a new understanding of the world around you. 

I believe that when you examine the thoughts and beliefs in your mind that have been playing over and over your whole life, true transformation becomes possible. My groundbreaking M.I.N.D. method helps you rewire the automatic way you think and act by breaking the habit of giving energy and attention to your Inner Critic’s constant chatter.

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It’s not magic. I work daily to dethrone my Inner Critic but it is SO worth it.

Working with Joanna has taught me so much about my fears and the thoughts that held me back. More importantly, I learned how to address those thoughts to improve my career and relationships. I now recommend it to anyone who asks me about my transformation.

Wendy C.

One-on-one support

An unconventional approach

I don’t buy into or follow the path of getting stuck in your emotions. We can get lost in our feelings for forever.

Through our virtual sessions, I will awaken you to the automatic, self-sabotaging voice in your head so you can reinvent your experience of yourself.

I will call out where you are playing small and stand for your consistent growth.

I will hold space for you to put your past in the past, where it belongs because I believe that you are capable of transformation – the kind that lasts. 

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Power Hour Strategy Session

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I love having met my inner critic and thank Joanna for putting me on that path.

I cannot tell you how instrumental Joanna has been in my life.  She has the chops to tackle any of the things that I bring to the table and she does so with grace and wisdom. I am working through challenges that have held me back from living out my dreams and pursuing them in the first place.

Ali D.

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Clarity conversation

During this free 30-minute call, we’ll dive into where your Inner Critic is holding you back.

Book your breakthrough session

The journey starts with a 75-minute breakthrough session to go deeper into your next steps.

Weekly one-on-one sessions

We’ll meet weekly for six months to work so you can discover who you authentically are.

Let’s Do This

Ready to redesign your life?

If you’re ready to reshape your relationship with yourself, I’d love to chat with you about how to unhook yourself from your Inner Critic’s limiting beliefs. 

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