Are you a grownup?

In this week’s podcast episode, Joanna is talking about what it means to be a grown-up and how many people don’t have access to the wisdom of their Authentic Self because it’s buried in the fog of their Inner Critic. She discusses how just because we are grown-ups by age doesn’t mean that we’ve grown up. Because being a grownup is about your level of awareness of your Inner Critics’s core beliefs, her automatic thoughts, her fear responses, her addictions, and her demands for validation from other people, and it turns out that it doesn’t especially correlate with age. 

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • Where am I most susceptible to shame and embarrassment?
  • What parts of your life do you think about and a dreadful, sinking feeling washes over you?
  • If you were giving advice to yourself, which parts of your life do you know that you need to change and avoiding acting on right now?
  • What are the goals that you want to evolve towards?

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