The Inner Critic assessment changed Dr. Lang’s life

On today’s podcast episode, Joanna has Dr. Tammy Lang, a functional medicine practitioner, on the show to discuss how the Inner Critic Assessment and the M.I.N.D Method™ changed her life. They dive deep into a discussion of Joanna’s methods of self-discovery and how they have taught Dr. Tammy to have a joyful outlook on life, even when she is in the middle of a storm.

Here is what we discussed:

  • The differences between working one-on-one and the group setting with the M.I.N.D Method™
  • The most unexpected thing that has happened since she joined the program
  • What Insights Dr. Tammy Lang has discovered about herself
  • How Dr. Tammy has upleveled herself in her journey

Are you looking to learn more about Dr. Tammy Lang?

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