What most therapists and coaches get wrong

On today’s podcast episode, Joanna is talking about how during her mid-40s, it became clear both in her life and also in the lives of the thousands of people she had worked with throughout her career, that there was something missing.  Despite her success, despite the successes of her clients, there was a fundamental lack of peace, balance and fulfillment that would inevitably return and she discusses that this is where she believes most therapists and coaches miss the mark.

Here is what we discussed:

  • Do you often find yourself with thoughts of doubt, lack of confidence, or inadequacy? If so, can you pinpoint where this feeling began for you?
  • What strategies to either cope with these thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors or to try to make them all disappear? 
  • What might be the next small step in order to gain control of your mindset?

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