How to Embody a New Paradigm of Life Leadership

In this week’s compelling episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast, Joanna shares her personal journey of overcoming self-doubt and embracing a new paradigm of life leadership. She reflects on her past, where she struggled with the belief that she lacked something compared to other successful women in her field. Through her experiences, Joanna introduces the concept of a faulty leadership paradigm rooted in an outdated patriarchal society and outlines the importance of adopting a new, more empowering approach.

So tune into this enlightening episode as Joanna unravels the transformative journey to dethrone your inner critic and build a vision that aligns with your true self. 

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • How has your inner critic influenced your perception of leadership and success?
  • In what areas of your life do you feel aligned with your authentic self, and how does this alignment contribute to your overall well-being?
  • What steps can you take to shift your focus from what you lack to appreciating the progress you’ve made in your personal and professional journey?

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