The Most Toxic Cultural Myths that We Believe are True

In this week’s empowering episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast, Joanna shares insights from her recent keynote at a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company’s women’s summit. She delves into the prevalent myths that hinder women’s empowerment. Joanna highlights the concept of imposter syndrome, claiming that it is a normal aspect of progress rather than a syndrome to conquer and encourages women to accept fear and doubt as companions on their path to reaching their greatest potential. 

This episode also explores the misconception of manifesting, highlighting the importance of focusing on joy and thankfulness in the present moment rather than specific outcome. Additionally, Joanna deconstructs the archaic concept of waiting for external validation before acting.

So tune into this enlightening episode as Joanna unravels how we can overcome and eliminate those limiting beliefs and be empowered as we journey through this transformational process.

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • How has the concept of imposter syndrome influenced your decisions and actions in the past?
  • What does manifesting mean to you, and how can you shift your focus to present joy and gratitude rather than future outcomes?
  • Reflect on a goal or dream you’ve been hesitant to pursue due to waiting for external validation. How might embodying your authentic self now impact your ability to take inspired actions?

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