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Each week, you’ll discover real-life proven mind-blowing strategies to confidently step into your authentic self and design a life you’re madly in love with.

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Dethroning Your Inner Critic


In this week’s episode of the Dethroning YOur Inner Critic Podcast, Joanna Kleinman discusses three ways to use your mind to change your life: Reflection Questions: Subscribe to the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast for more tips on how to overcome your inner critic and create a life you love. Are you ready to find […]

3 Ways to Use Your Mind to Change Your Life


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of striving for success but never feeling truly fulfilled? In this episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast, host Joanna Kleinman explains how your “winning strategy” – the positive quality you developed in childhood to cope with feelings of inadequacy – might actually be holding you […]

Your Inner Critic's winning strategy for your life


In this episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast, Joanna Kleinman challenges the idea that confidence is just about external achievements and proposes a deeper, more universal truth: everyone experiences self-doubt and insecurity, but true confidence arises from connecting with your authentic self, free from the ego’s limitations. The host argues that our automatic […]

What do nature and confidence have in common?


This episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast focuses on the importance of finding joy in the present moment and how many people are unknowingly blocking themselves from experiencing it. Joanna Kleinman, the host, discusses the negative impacts of living on autopilot and being driven by future goals and societal expectations. She emphasizes the […]

The science behind why you can't feel joy


In this episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast, Joanna Kleinman delves into the three biggest obstacles you’ll encounter when trying to change your life: The episode emphasizes that overcoming these obstacles is key to living a truly fulfilling life. It’s not about achieving your dreams to feel happy, but rather, finding happiness now […]



In this empowering episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast, Joanna welcomes Melissa Hieman, co-founder of the Center for Healing in Melbourne, Australia.  Melissa is the creator of the methods of Root Cause Therapy and Trauma Informed Manifestation Coaching. She shares her transformative journey from a troubled past to creating innovative methods of Root […]

Inside the Mind of Therapist Melissa Heimann: Conquering Inner Critics

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I’ve spent over 30 years studying the human brain and mind-body connection leading me to develop my ground-breaking MIND Method™ in 2015. It’s a unique framework that will completely alter your life and stop the self-sabotaging voice in your head from stealing your true potential.


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