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Each week, you’ll discover real-life proven mind-blowing strategies to confidently step into your authentic self and design a life you’re madly in love with.

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Dethroning Your Inner Critic


In this episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast, Joanna dive deep on the idea that our old identities never truly leave us. Even as we grow and evolve, those limiting beliefs and fears can resurface, especially when we’re on the cusp of a breakthrough. Kleinman offers a three-part formula to help listeners navigate […]


In this week’s episode of the Dethroning YOur Inner Critic Podcast, Joanna Kleinman discusses three ways to use your mind to change your life: Reflection Questions: Subscribe to the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast for more tips on how to overcome your inner critic and create a life you love. Are you ready to find […]

3 Ways to Use Your Mind to Change Your Life


In this empowering episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast, Joanna welcomes Melissa Hieman, co-founder of the Center for Healing in Melbourne, Australia.  Melissa is the creator of the methods of Root Cause Therapy and Trauma Informed Manifestation Coaching. She shares her transformative journey from a troubled past to creating innovative methods of Root […]

Inside the Mind of Therapist Melissa Heimann: Conquering Inner Critics


In this week’s episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic podcast, Joanna is speaking about how deep transformational work can empower you to embody and become the next-level version of yourself so you can create the life of your dreams and the impact that you want to make in the world. So tune in to […]

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I’ve spent over 30 years studying the human brain and mind-body connection leading me to develop my ground-breaking MIND Method™ in 2015. It’s a unique framework that will completely alter your life and stop the self-sabotaging voice in your head from stealing your true potential.


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